No one likes being the obese guy in the group. Subtraction of excessive body fat is crucial for living a healthier life. Losing weight may seem challenging sometimes. Going to the gym, lifting weight, incapable of following a weight loss diet plan are things that people often find problematic.

weight loss diet

Be sure to have a protein diet into your weight loss diet chart

Having a protein diet is an indisputable fact when it’s about maintaining a good weight loss diet.

It significantly amplifies your metabolism & preserves muscle mass. A protein diet suppresses appetite & desire to have midnight snacking.

It creates feelings of fullness & you intake a lesser amount of calorie. Protein also deducts carbs.

In a study, 27 obese men were treated with protein dietary food. Thus, they experienced fullness, & preoccupation with thoughts of food.

Food containing high protein: beef, pork, salmon, shrimp, eggs and other dairy products.



The inclusion of healthy fat

It may seem conflicting but consuming healthy fat can help you lose unwanted weight.

A characteristic of fat is that it takes a while to digest & as a result, it confines hunger & makes you feel full.

Although too much consumption may have an adverse effect as fat consists of calories. So it’s recommended that the intake should be moderate.

In a study, 187 patients following a Mediterranean diet, rich in virgin olive oil were less likely to gain weight than the patients following the control diet.

Never mix up healthy & saturated fat. A great amount of saturated fat comes from animal sources. Red meat and other full-fat dairy products preserve these types of fat. Instead of lowering weight it increases blood cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol levels.

Healthy fats: Olive oil, avocado, cheese, fatty fish are amicable to lose weight.



Low carb vegetables

It includes a massive amount of fiber & a very less amount of carbs & calories which is why it’s one of the ideal fat burners. In addition, it contains a robust amount of minerals and vitamins which is likely to keep you healthy.

You can consume a well amount of vegetables which suppresses hunger. And you’ll be in taking 50% fewer carbs every day.

Low carb vegetables include Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, etc.



Consuming iron-containing foods

A good amount of people don’t include enough iron in their meal or weight loss diet plan. Like iodine, iron is a fundamental substance to keep one fit and active.

Women, infants, children, & vegans are very much threatened by iron deficiency.

Lack of iron may cause problems on your thyroid gland. This is a major cause behind excessive weight gain. Inconsistency in iron levels causes fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, coldness etc.

It also causes a lack of hemoglobin in your red blood cells which carries oxygen from the lungs. Iron deficiency may even lead to heart failure & malfunctioning development in children.

Treating iron deficiency can increase energy and enhance activity levels. For which it can contribute to losing weight.

In a study where 21 women having iron deficiency anemia were treated, and they found waist circumference, body weight, body mass index were significantly reduced in patients. They opined that it simultaneously improved hematological metabolic and anthropometric parameters.

Resources: one may find iron in meat, poultry, seafood, daily cereals etc.



Intake caffeinated beverages (green tea, coffee etc.)


When we talk about caffeinated beverages, coffee comes into our mind momentarily.

Coffee contains caffeine. To be very exact; an 8-oz cup of brewed coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is a common primary substance in almost every fat burning supplement.

Caffeinated beverage

A good amount of caffeine ingestion can contribute to lose weight & increase metabolism.

A study of 58,157 men and women showed that in long-term an increase in caffeine intake can deduct gaining weight.

Caffeine is conducive to prevent imbalance in energy levels that causes obesity. Caffeine increases energy expenditure & works as a regulator to keep body weight consistent.

Although you must avoid sugar in it and instead, you may enjoy it black if you want to get the most out of it.

Green tea

Alike coffee, green tea is a very good option to burn fat, & increase metabolism as it contains caffeine. It’s also enriched with antioxidant.

A study found that green tea extracts are more effective than placebo when it comes to fat oxidation, & insulin sensitivity.

So, if you’re into drinking tea or coffee, go ahead & have as much as you can.



Avoid alcohol, Soda & other sugar-sweetened beverages

Very similar to fat, alcohol contains 7 calories a gram. According to research, it’s likely to stimulate the desire to eat & gain weight. Restraining from alcohol will reduce total energy intake. This can be helpful to lose weight.

Sugar-sweetened beverages like juice & soft drinks contain added sugar, calorie & low nutritional value.

A study found that sugar-sweetened beverages are likely to increase abdominal fat.

Replacing alcohol & sugar-sweetened beverages with water or green tea can cut down calories.



Drinking water before a meal

A study found that consuming 500 ml water before every main meal helps to deduct weight. It happens because it reduces meal energy intake.

44% greater reduction in weight was observed when a hypothetical diet was merged with water than a hypothetical diet alone



Shred obesity by adding vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid which is likely to reduce obesity. Daily consumption may enhance metabolism.

Another study found that consuming vinegar can increase satiety level, & create a feeling of fullness.

A study consisting of 11 healthy people showed that consuming vinegar can reduce postprandial glycemia.

Consuming vinegar may not seem appropriate to some. But you can have it with white wheat bread, or making sauces & marinades can also be mouthwatering.



Add fiber

Consuming fiber can disrupt gaining weight and fat accumulation. Fiber & calorie have an inverse relationship. Consuming fiber every day automatically decreases the consumption of energy intake by 10%.

Consuming both soluble and insoluble fiber can decrease hunger and amp up satiety.

A study found that obese people can suppress weight by 2.4 kg & energy consumption which is like 82%.

Oat bran, seeds, peas, nuts, barley etc. contains soluble fiber.

Whereas wheat bran, vegetables whole grains etc. contains insoluble fiber.



Last Words

There are a lot of weight loss diet strategies you may follow besides the ones mentioned above. But be sure to have foods that are nutritious & healthy.

Add up healthy habits like going to the gym, walking in the morn or anything that you feel that will boost things up.

Integrate these steps, have perseverance and most importantly an iron-like willpower. Willpower is what eventually leads you to your goal.

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